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No matter who you are or what you do, even a minor injury can cause you to lose time at work, keep you from your favorite activities, and drastically reduce your quality of life. At College Park Pain & Recovery in The Woodlands, our mission is to help you cope with and recover from the pain and discomfort that is holding you back. Our chiropractor treats patients suffering from pain due to injury and disease, chronic or otherwise by using Interventional Pain Management and physical therapy.

Interventional Pain Management

In Interventional Pain Management (IPM), our first goal is to identify and diagnose the source and cause of the pain. We call these “pain generators.” A pain generator could be a slipped or ruptured disc, a pinched nerve, a micro-fracture, misalignment, or impingement on abdominal organs just to name a few. Our goal is to discover and target pain generators and then eliminate them through a number of methods, many of which fall under physical therapy.

During the process of healing or eliminating pain generators, we can make a number of pain mitigating treatments available. These include standard pain killers, however, we prefer to keep the use of these at a minimum to avoid unwanted side effects. Other pain management techniques include massage, and acupuncture, among others.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy (PT), is the process by which a chiropractic professional helps the patient to recover from injury or illness by restoring and improving the proper range of motion, strength, and function to the musculoskeletal system. These services can come in the form of routines similar to those used in any fitness regimen, except that the goal is to build strength and flexibility through and around a given injury and/or pain generator. Our physical therapy services include the following:

Post Surgical Rehabilitation: Among the most important steps in recovery from injury or surgery, PSR is a means to help patients to recover fully. PSR helps to restore strength and flexibility to improve function and to help make subsequent injuries less likely to occur.

Disc Decompression: Compressed discs can cause a wide range of pain types. The pain generated from disc compression can be difficult to diagnose and often debilitating. Worse still, because of the compression of discs, blood flow is almost always restricted to these areas. Decompression therapy opens up the affected tissues, allowing vital circulation to carry nutrients to them, making the healing process faster and more complete.

Chiropractic Care in The Woodlands

In addition to these interventions, our chiropractor offers a range of chiropractic care modalities. To learn more about your options and schedule your initial consultation, call College Park Pain & Recovery in The Woodlands at (281) 442-7071.


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