Chiropractic Conditions Treated

Are you tired of suffering from chronic pain from a condition you have? Larin Perkins, our chiropractor at College Park Pain & Recovery in The Woodlands is here to help you. Below is more information about chiropractic conditions that we treat. 

Conditions We Treat

We treat a variety of conditions here at College Park Pain & Recovery. These conditions include auto accident injuries from a car crash, sports injuries, back pain, head pain, neck pain, and more. Below are more details about these conditions. 

Auto Accident Injury

Getting into a motor vehicle collision is no fun, especially if you experience an auto accident injury from the crash. Various injuries can result from auto accidents, including whiplash, back, neck, and head pain. 

Sports Injury

Another type of injury we treat is sports injury. Sports injuries can reduce an athlete's ability to play as well as impact their day to day lives if the injury is serious enough. Fractures, ligament sprains, muscle tears, and strains are all common injuries people sustain while playing sports, and we treat them all.

How We Treat These Conditions

We use several chiropractic treatments and healing modalities to treat these conditions. Our chiropractic services include intervention pain management and physical therapy.

Intervention Pain Management

Intervention pain management (IPM) is a process that starts with us identifying and diagnosing where your pain is coming from. It could be neck pain from a motor vehicle collision, for example. Other pain generators could be misalignment of spine, a herniated disc, pinched nerve, or more. Once a pain generator is identified, we try to get rid of the pain. Physical therapy, medication, acupuncture, and massage are some of the methods we use to treat pain. 

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is another method we use to treat sports injuries, back pain, and more. Physical therapy is a method of rehabilitating a person's body. Specific methods of therapy are assigned to each patient to ensure their range of motion is restored or pain reduced. 

College Park Pain & Recovery

To be treated for your chronic pain, make an appointment as soon as you can. You can fill out our new patient form from the comfort and convenience of home or fill one out at your first visit. Please contact us if you have any questions about our methods. We are here to help.

The Woodlands Chiropractor

Make an appointment at your earliest convenience to get the pain relief you need. You can make an appointment with us at College Park Pain & Recovery, 3115 College Park Dr. Suite 102, The Woodlands, TX 77384 or over the phone by calling (281) 442-7071. 


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